Information To Know About The ESTA Visum

esta visumIf you are traveling to the United States and are a citizen of a country that is part of the visa waiver program, you will need to get an Esta Visum. The Esta Visum is only required for citizen traveling without any other form of visa and will need to be applied for before you travel. There is a lot of information that you need to know about the Esta Visum before you apply.

You Need The Visa Even When Passing Through

There are many people who assume that they will not need an Esta Visum if they are only passing through the US in transit. This is incorrect and you need to have this visa for any travel into the country. If you do not have the visa, even for a transfer stop, you may be denied boarding onto the plane or you could be sent back to your country of origin.

You Can Only Fill The Application Out Online

The ESTA application is done online only and there is no option of getting a paper version of the application. If you do not have access to the internet regularly, you may need to ask someone to complete the application for you. When completing the online application, you need to make a note of the reference number or print the authorization page.

Watch Out For Fake Sites

When you Google the Esta Visum, you will see a number of websites offering to complete the application for you for a fee. You need to avoid these websites and only use the official ESTA website to complete the application. It is important to note that there is a fee for the application, but you should never pay someone to complete the application for you.

You Need To Renew After 2 Years

The Esta Visum is good for 2 years or until you get a new passport. If you have previously applied and received an Esta Visum, you will need to check when it will expire. If the visa has expired, you will need to complete a new application and get a new reference number as there is no way to extend the visa that you have.

There is a lot of information that you need to know about the Esta Visum before you apply. You should only complete the application on the official ESTA website and you need to make a note of the reference number.…

Things to Note about Indian Online Visa Application

E-visa is designed to conveniently cope with bunch of passport and visa applicants and this is perfect for India as a country known as second most populated country.

An e-visa or electronic travel authority is a tourism and travel visa application for non-Indian citizens to visit India. It is an electronic way to avail visa with no seal or official stamp appearing on the passport of the applicant.

In applying for the Indian e-visa, it is important to for would-be applicants to note that the process does not require the services of an intermediary or agent. This disclaimer can be seen on the home page of the official Indian online visa portal.

Indian e-Visa has three categories and they are as follows:

1. E-Tourist visa (For visitors looking to spend holidays or do some sightseeing in India)

2. E-Business visa (For non-residents looking to come to business)

3. E-Medical visa (This is for non-residents looking for medical attention)

Qualified foreigners can apply for visa as stipulated in any of the mentioned categories.

Of course, there are rules preset by the Indian authorities governing the process of application for Indian e-visa. For example, because of the treaty between India and these two countries – Nepal and Bhutan, there citizens can enter India without getting visas.

The amount of the processing fee is determined by the country or citizenship of the applicant, thus there is no specific amount. Bank transaction fees of 2.5% are added to whatever amount is charged as e-visa fee which is paid by the applicant and these fees must have been paid at least four days before the expected travel date failing which the visa would not be processed. Make sure finances should be taken care of during application since these fees are non-refundable.

Generally, the validity of Indian e-visas is 60 days and upon the entry of the visa holder in India, the counting starts. For visa holder of e-Tourist and e-Business categories, double entry is allowed, while e-Medical visa holder is allowed with triple entry.

If you intend to apply for Indian visa online, be free from worries because you can find a lot information online to make your application easy. Through getting into the official e-visa website, you can find all the necessary information for e-visa application.

Why Is The Indian Tourist Visa Issued?

The Government of India has made a few changes to the criteria for issuing Indian visas to foreign nationals. Indian tourist visa is issued to the ones who visit India for sightseeing and recreational purposes. The maximum period of the stay is 6 months, and it cannot exceed. In the year 2009, the Government of India has restricted re-entry gap to at least 2 months time since travelers re-enter the place after a break of a few days in 6 months. To travel to India, a person requires valid visa and passport. You may opt for either the traditional tourist visa or go for electronic e visa. It is more convenient to choose e-visa as the application form can be completed online. In short, the tourist visa is meant for the ones who visit India for recreation and tourism purposes.

Who is eligible for India tourist visa?

If you want to visit India for non-business related purpose or to travel India for recreation, you are eligible for a tourist visa. But, if you are the one who has Indian origin, you are not eligible for the tourist visa. Secondly, if your parents or spouse were of Indian origin, still you are not entitled to it. When it comes to a tourist visa, it can only be issued for traveling, sightseeing, casual meets with relatives and friends. No other activity can be permitted under India tourist visa. You must not be the resident of India or should not have employment in India.

If you need medical treatment in India, you may apply for Medical Visa.

The Need For Procuring Indian Tourist Visa To Travel India

Indian tourist visa is a mandatory document you need when traveling to India for recreational purposes. The visa may be issued for a month, two months or 6 months time. However, if you are planning to tour the neighboring countries of India, you will require multiple entry visas. The visa may be extended by 3 months time through the registration office in Chennai, Calcutta or New Delhi. You may also visit District Headquarters of the Superintendent Police to get it extended. If the stay is for more than 180 days, you will require the tax clearance certificate. The income tax department will be able to provide you the same.

Documents needed to apply for the Indian tourist visa

Some of the important documents you require for the tourist visa are as follows:

  • Your original passport having the validity that exceeds 6 months.
  • The correct visa fees
  • Two passport-sized photographs (only recent is allowed)
  • If necessary, produce supporting documents
  • Duly filled up the application form. The form may be downloaded online.

Know one thing that there are certain areas in India which you cannot visit. If you want to visit the restricted areas, you need special permits. For instance, to visit Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, and Mizoram, you will need special permits. The named places are protected areas, and so foreigners are not allowed to enter here. If you are opting for group tours, collective visas have to be availed. Even after you get the visa, your entry is subject to the discretion of Immigration Authority.